Export – Pakistan

Dear Customer,

I am really glad that you visit our webpage. Firstly I would like to introduce our company to you.

P.H.U. „Zalew” is a family company founded in 2004 by Mrs. Agnieszka Bonikowska and her husband Mr. Sylwester Bonikowski.  From the beginning we deal with used clothes sorting it into many assortments. We cooperate with companies from Africa, Asia and Europe. Our priority is satisfaction of our customers because we know that this is the one of  the most important thing in business.

To meet the needs of our customers from Pakistan we prepared special offer dedicated only for them. Our 25 assortments of Pakistan Grade used clothes in new, lower prices.

This offer is valid only to the end of this year so don’t waist the time and contact with us to get our new price list.

For further information please contact:

Mrs. Agnieszka Nowicka-Szer
mobile: +48 694 756 221
e-mail: office@phu-zalew.pl

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