Used sweaters and wool waste for textile industry

Our company is an exporter of a wide range of used sweaters  for recycling purposes to many countries. We do sell in big bales (dimentions: 1100 x 740 x 800-1000 mm). We collected these products from old clothing by professional & experienced team by inspecting their labels and hand feel.

We can prepare used sweaters and wool waste according to your directions. We can offer you bales half mutilated sweaters/half sweaters without mutilation, 100 % mutilated or 100 % un-mutilated goods. You can be sure that during preparing bales with used sweaters for your order we are not going to take out any white, woolen or cashmere sweaters.

Thanks to our experienced team we can prepare also 100% cashmere and 100 % wool – it all depends on what you need. We can also cut out all the hard elements like zippers and buttons (this kind product is ready for recycling and putting directly into pulling machine)

You can give our used sweaters a second chance and thus contribute to environmental protection. Please contact us for more details.